Welcome to Babacomari Ranch


A Family Owned and Operated Cattle Ranch Since 1935

The Babacomari Valley, located in the rich savanna rangelands of Southeast Arizona, has been supporting cattle and livestock together with abundant wild game and fish since Europeans first ventured into this "terra incognita" early in the 16th and 17th centuries. Millennia before this, native tribes made this verdant river valley, which cuts through the northern Sonoran desert, their home. Today, in our eighth decade, the descendants of Frank and Sallie Brophy hold stewardship to this land we call the Babacomari Ranch. 


The mission of the Babacomari Ranch is to holistically protect, preserve and enhance the natural resources, historic integrity and esthetic qualities of the Babacomari Ranch while providing a creative and collaborative environment that enhances the quality of life for its landowners, employees and neighbors.


The ranch's boundaries follow those of the original land grant "San Ignacio del  Babacomari" issued in 1832 by the Republic of Mexico to the Elias family, still prominent ranchers in Sonora. As today's third owners in 400 years, we hold title to the largest contiguous private land parcel in Arizona, at nearly 28,000 acres, ranging from desert to riparian to woodland habitats.